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Custom Designed
Personal Training Programs
After meeting with you we will design a custom designed personal training program specifically to meet your fitness goals.

Workout Location
Options include:

National Personal Training Institute

Contact Naperville personal trainer and kettlebell instructor Pete Moore for a fitness consultation and assement. Get the training and experience to turn your fitness dreams into reality. Call Pete Moore (630) 334-1668.

personal trainer chicago
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personal training chicago

How do we get started and what can I expect?
First would be a FREE consultation, either at your home or at the training facility for an in depth discussion about your goals, exercise history, limitations, past injuries, diet etc. From here I would make my recommendations for what will be needed to achieve your goals. At that time you will fill out the medical questionnaires and adjoining paperwork. Next is your first session. This session will involve a sub maximal fitness test and functional movement screen. It will give us a snapshot of your current condition including weight, body fat percentage, cardio capacity etc. and give me a clearer picture of what our plan of action will look like. The tests will also give me a look at any movement issues you may have which could be potential red flags for any muscular asymmetries that may need to be corrected. From there we work hard together to achieve your goals.

Where would we train?
We have a few options. If you prefer, we can train in your Chicago area home or office provided that we have enough space and the area is safe. Another option is to train at the National Personal Training Institute in Lisle, Illinois (my Alma Mater). This is a beautiful facility with state of the art equipment including machines, cardio and free-weight equipment. The third option is to train outside if the weather permits.

If we train in my home, would I need any special exercise equipment?
At a minimum, it would be nice to have some dumbbells, a stability ball and some resistance bands but it’s not mandatory. I travel to clients with these items plus my TRX and a few Kettlebells all the time. However, if you are going to train it would be a worth while investment to purchase some of these items. On the other hand, bodyweight training is an extremely underrated workout and walking, hiking or running outside is great cardio!

How often will I train with you?
How often you train with me is all based on your goals, and how disciplined and motivated you are when we aren’t training together. If losing 50 pounds is your goal then training with me once or twice a week is simply not going to do it unless you do your “homework”. I will do my very best to motivate and educate you but you must follow through on your commitment by doing all the things necessary to reach and maintain your dream.

Do you offer nutritional help?
Nutrition is always a big piece to the fitness and weight loss puzzle. I can help you with basic guidelines and healthy food choices. Often times we need a little more help. Counting calories may be very time consuming and difficult, but can be simplified by learning how to balance your carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A registered dietitian specializes in assisting with balancing out our meals and ensuring your body does not use muscle for energy. For those client's who need more help with nutrition I refer them to Lisa Schwinn. Lisa is registered dietitian and metabolic specialist located in the Naperville area. She is highly trained and highly motivated to help you with all of your nutrition needs.
For more information on Lisa please visit

Do you do individual training sessions just for Kettlebells?
Absolutely! I have many Chicago area clients who have just wanted to learn how to use Kettlebells.
They are a simple and effective tool and will yield tremendous results if used correctly. The only way to learn Kettlebells in the traditional Russian “hard style” way is from an RKC- Russian Kettlebell certified instructor. If you are a beginner, or you own a few bells and are not sure how to use them or you are a honed athlete looking for that extra edge or maybe you want to train for the Russian Kettlebell challenge, I can help you. Learning how to use KB’s is not an overnight process. It’s an evolution of perfection and progression. I would exhaust this section listing the benefits of training with Kettlebells so please visit the Kettlebell page for more information.

What are your rates?
Our rates vary based on your location, the package you want, group rates, etc.
Contact us for rates and get your FREE session and consultation.

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